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Surface Coatings; Metallographic Preparation & Analysis

July 28, 2020 - August 5, 2020
Surface Coatings; Metallographic Preparation & Analysis

Do you prepare metallographic samples for microstructural analysis and/or hardness testing of surface coatings?

If yes, join Buehler for this educational webinar that will be conducted in several time zones and languages.

Surface coatings present unique metallographic preparation challenges, associated with mechanical damage during section and grinding, as well as masking of microstructural detail during polishing stages. These are often caused by differences in the physical characteristics between the coating compared and the substrate. The resultant effects during preparation can include harder phases cracking, soft phases being pulled out or deformed, false porosity, and contamination due to abrasive pick-up among many others.

This webinar will focus on 4 main types of coatings relating to thermal spray coatings, physical vapor deposited coating, coating made from electrochemical processes, and organic coatings. The webinar will highlight the preparation challenges and approaches that should be adopted to achieve good quality, efficient preparation, accurate measurement and correct evaluation of these coatings.

The attendees will be able to:
  • Recognize common problems during the preparation of surface coatings
  • Identify improvement opportunities in their current methodology
  • Optimize their metallographic preparation routines for time, whilst ensuring optimal surface finish for each stage of preparation.
The webinar is ideal for metallurgical technicians, engineers, quality control and laboratory managers in any metallography facility preparing surface coatings.

Sign up today for a place in the virtual Buehler classroom. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation after the Webinar. We look forward to meeting you in our class!

Bring your questions as we will follow up with everyone.
Does the Webinar interest you, but the date does not suit you? Simply register to receive the recording shortly after the event.
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