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Buehler’s LabConnect is an intuitive software solution to maximize the uptime of your laboratory by providing lab managers and users with a centralized system to manage the needs of the lab. LabConnect allows the lab to more efficiently communicate with Buehler service, troubleshoot machine issues, ensure preventative maintenance is completed and maintain required lab documentation. Spend less time managing the lab and more time conducting sample analysis.

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Easily troubleshoot problems

  • Product manuals for Buehler machines are pre-loaded in LabConnect so troubleshooting information is available when you need it.

Schedule service appointments quickly

  • Eliminate the time to locate the serial number of a machine needing service. Create your lab in LabConnect with all the machine details for quick access when needed.

Never forget to clean or schedule a calibration visit

  • Create events in LabConnect for cleaning, maintenance and calibration needs then receive automatic reminders when they’re due.

Simplify the audit preparation process

  • Reduce the time needed to prepare for an audit by loading all calibration certificates into LabConnect for quick access during the audit.

Organize and promptly retrieve lab documents

  • Ensure availability of lab documents and procedures for lab personnel to improve adherence and overall lab performance.
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